Digital Marketing Dayton

Marketing is imperative for every website wishing to increase business. Sites that never receive any type of online marketing almost always receive very low daily traffic. In most cases local Dayton sites have as little as 2 - 17 unique visitors per day and many of these are sent directly from you to your website. This means that your site is in front of very little new business potential and not working for your business they way it should.

Image of people sticking to a magnetIf your site has a conversion ratio of 1 in 1000 that means it could take months for you to gain one new sale or new business potential. Let's face it, search engines are just not going to automatically send you lots of traffic. If you think search engines are sending you steady traffic think again. If your only plan moving forward is to increase new business by search engine marketing, you very well could be wasting your time and money.

Very few business owners have no clue as to how much traffic their site receives, how targeted this traffic they do receive really is, and how high of a conversion ratio their traffic produces. Most people that come to us just know their site is not converting into business that they see daily.

A website is useless unless it is seen by the appropriate traffic. Do you know your traffic volume and conversion metrics, or are you just hoping that search engines are sending you steady traffic? If your answer is the latter then your site is likely not being seen very often and you are losing lots of potential business. You can do something about this.

What can I do about it?

It's easy to see that a large company might have the funds to market a website, but how can an individual or small to medium sized company with limited funds pay for marketing? We understand that many just don't have same funds to market, but there is a wise way to get marketing paid for. It's called: "Return on Investment" or ROI. As an example: What if you invested and paid $1000 to market your website and at the end of some smart positioning, your traffic and sales increased enough to pay for this marketing within a specified period? What if after this one paid session your income increased by $1000 within 1 year? This would mean that you would get an equal return on your investment within 1 year. When it comes to marketing it would definitely help if you could recoup your marketing costs by the increased traffic and sales over time. Now what if that same traffic and sales increase continued year after year all because you initially paid (invested) $1000? Finally, what if you re-invested this profit back into a second session and doubled the same results? Then did it again. Theoretically your small site could eventually keep growing until you are in such volume and traffic streams as a large corporation. All paid for with your first investment of $1000 and then re-invested back into marketing to grow your business.

This type of plan takes time to develop and you have to re-invest some of your profits into growing. Chances are your local competitors don't advertise online at all, or just don't know how to do this. Your larger competitors may have the backing to advertise heavily but that does not mean you do not have the resources to do the same.

Image of people with a question markFor many local businesses it only takes one marketing session, for others it might takes several.  Frankly a local marketplace is much less competitive and therefore easier to harvest traffic. If you are selling worldwide and there is lots of competition we know how to get you in such heavy traffic streams you might always stay busy. It would take steady growth and multiple sessions to do so.

The wise plan is to first analyze your marketplace, then we give an estimate as to what we think it might take. Then perform one session at a time and look at the results, to see if you want to proceed. If at the end of any session, the results turn our to be less effective as we had hoped, you could stop and be done. Either way you would not walk away empty, you will still have permanent long term increased traffic than before the session. Every niche is different some more competitive than others, your marketplace has to be analyzed first.

Every website has to have marketing otherwise it's just sitting there in front of very few people. Why should you ignore the issue instead of tackling it head on. We can do something about this the smart way!

How does Dayton Web Design differ from other online marketing firms?

Experience: First we are business people who own and market our own websites, in addition to full time marketing for small, medium, and large sized companies. Our experience comes from over 14 years of our own testing and analysis, in addition to keeping up with trade publications of very experienced marketing companies. We always continue to learn and also read marketing case studies for many mid sized companies to large corporations. When you combine this shared knowledge with our own personal testing and experience, it makes us well rounded and very knowledgeable. As the markets can change quickly, we have our hand on the pulse and can quickly adapt.

When it comes to marketing a website it's a must to hire someone who has both experience and is efficient. We have extensive experience marketing in very competitive global marketplaces and know how to harvest traffic. If you want to beat your competitors you need a company who is very knowledgeable. The majority of local marketers are just not experienced enough to properly market your site. The firms that do know how to properly market have many employees, lots of overhead, and are can very expensive. This is our niche and how we are different: We are small and inexpensive by comparison, but have the proper global experience to effectively market your business.

Performance Driven Results: Every one of our marketing sessions are result driven. Few companies offer this option. It would be easy for any company to show matrix statistics to prove how and why their marketing session was effective. That fact is you can easily be shown irrelevant facts, without showing or proving to you, how their work and the money you spent is going to benefit you directly. We can print out reports showing what is wrong with your site and what needs fixed and focus your attention to all these details. In the end, what benefit do these changes have on the overall traffic volume and conversion? At Dayton Web Design we show before and after results, so you can see exactly what was done, how wisely your money was spent, and what type of benefit you will receive. We prove our worth and show it to you every time we market. You can only do this if you are effective and knowledgeable.

Street sign that says: "Marketing Strategy"Long Term Marketing Strategy: The wisest way to market is to analyze the marketplace and your competition, and then position your site within the appropriate traffic streams. If you know how to do this properly you can harvest the bulk of this traffic once your site is positioned. It takes a short term and long term strategy to stay the course and effectively rise to the top and stay in these traffic streams. If you don't utilize a long term market strategy you will lose direction and focus. Essentially throwing your money into the wind, for short term gain that may or may not yield a return on your investment, all because of loss of focus.

We analyze everything and don't hide behind just one type of marketing plan. Many marketers only know some version of SEO (search engine optimization) which by the way might not even be a good plan for your marketplace. There are many so called: "SEO marketers" the majority of which are totally un-experienced. Some who are just frauds. It's imperative to find someone who is local so that you can meet face to face and just as important has long term experience.

We Explain our Plan: Marketing is complicated and has many layers. We could talk for days and you still are not likely to understand all the details of marketing. Once we analyze your marketplace we will sit down with you and explain why you should market a particular way, what works and what doesn't, and why the marketing plan we present is the wisest choice for your market. The plan we are looking to choose for your site, would be to yield the best results at the lowest price, or the plan with the best return on your investment.

Diversification: There are so many ways to market a website outside of search engines, that can also be highly effective. A large company would have a diverse marketing portfolio and market in many different traffic venues all at once. If you are an individual or a small company you likely have to pick a path and follow that path. Search engine optimization is not always the answer, and sometimes a waste of money. The best plan for marketing should only be considered after your marketplace has been completely analyzed. Then we would know which type of marketing would be best suited for your business, and potentially offer the best return on your investment.

Why Trust Us?

Bulls Eye ImageLet's not hide the fact that we are here to make money and would like to earn your business. In fact, the way most marketing firms work is by giving you an ongoing budget and you really don't know the details or effectiveness of each campaign. You only know your business picks up as you consistently pay budget money to these marketing firms. This type of marketing is not result driven and many factors are not analyzed and hidden. You have no idea where your money is being spent, and what you are really getting in return. Chances are the marketing firm is getting most of your money.

At Dayton Web Design we are open and transparent, which means you will know what is going on and you will see our results. We not only tell you what we are doing, but we also tell you why and what results we are expecting. Bulls Eye Only if we perform and your traffic increases will you do business with us again. Don't you think this is the way you should do business? We do and this can only be offered if we are efficient, know exactly what you do, and your marketing sessions yield positive results. If you are satisfied we earn your business again. We have to be good in order to offer transparency and performance based results, which is the the ultimate proof of our worth each and every time.

Trying to self market or ignoring the problem is not going to help propel your site forward. Its all about ROI and we know how to capitalize on it. In the marketing world it's all about efficiency and effectiveness to yield the best ROI. We feel there is no-one locally near our price point with our same knowledge and experience. We know what to do and how to do it efficiently and we offer the best value in Dayton.

Why not let Dayton Web Design analyze your marketplace, and then tell you exactly what you need to know to increase your business. We know about much more than just increasing traffic so while we are at it, we will advise you to also help you increase your conversion ratio. Contact us today.