Video Marketing Dayton

Videographer Options:

Contrary to popular belief, professional looking videos require a little more effort than self-shooting and posting directly to YouTube. Great business videos have a well planned message, a professional videographer shooting footage, a post production editor assembling and modifying the video in software, and then taking the final output and converting the video to the proper format for the world to see. Which then can be posted to YouTube for additional promotion should you desire. Professional videos yield much higher conversion ratios and they show your business in the best possible light. In order to get the best video for your website, you have to determine which Dayton videographers have the best skills at a price your organization can afford.

Not all videographers are the same as there is a wide variety of skill levels and prices due to time involved in production. You basically have 5 generic options when it comes to selection of your videographer:

  • News Station Videographer - $2000 - $10,000 dollars (and up). Has a minimum of project manager, planner, videographer, video editor, and perhaps a sound engineer. Each professional that touches your video adds to the cost.
  • Website Videographer - $1200 - $3600 dollars. 
  • Wedding or Family Photographer and Videographer - Prices vary greatly, but they are typically closer to that of website videographers.
  • Newbie Web Videographer - $300 - $1000 dollars.
  • Self-Shot Videos - free to low cost.

Most people want the best price, but each option comes with different levels of experience, time involved, and output. The key is to try and select the videographer that will likely produce the biggest ROI (Return on Investment). Would you pay double for your video if it produced quadruple the sales each and every month? Only a fool would not. So when you think of the overall cost to produce your video you have to try and determine which output will drive the most business long term. That is the effective way to measure cost. Unfortunately non-professional options almost always have low return on investments when it comes to business videos. If you plan on only spending $300 to produce a video don't expect great results or more business in return. Those types of videos are only great for instruction or personal and social interactions.

News station videographers and large corporate videographers like YP (The Yellow Pages) have expensive pricing, but they can product great videos. The problem is you have to pay for an entire team and their higher company profit margins. You pay alot for companies that primarily specialize in offline promotion. They are almost always less experienced in online promotion than a web videographer who is a specialist. What does a wedding or news station videographer know about driving online business? What do they know about creating online videos for a business? A website videographer is specialized in harvesting online business and knows how to drive web traffic better than anyone else. Plus they work specifically with online business video promotion and offer a much lower cost.

There are many problems with an inexperienced videographer or self-shooting videos. The most important is your video will lack important conversion ratio techniques that are defined with proper planning. Do you know what to say and how to say it in a proper format, to drive ideal traffic to your business via your video? Many videos lack proper focus for optimal conversions. Your video has to move your visitors in order to get them to act. Also, if your website video looks like its self-produced its going to hurt your business. Just because you throw up a video does not mean the video is going to work for you. A video needs proper message planning and format, professional equipment and skills, and quality post production execution in order to work in the best manner for your business.

Why choose us as your videographer?

Regardless of your budget or size of your organization, the best option for your web video is hiring a professional website videographer or web design company videographer.

  • Low Professional Price: We cost less than most other web design videographers locally but produce superior results. In fact, our closest competitors charge more than double or even triple our prices for business video production. Nobody offers better video within our price range. 
  • All Inclusive Pricing: We won't nickel and dime you for every little service only to add up to a huge overall cost. We will quote one flat rate and that will include all the services needed to produce one entire video.
  • Experience: Since 2001 we have been marketing websites and comparing online conversion metrics. We are expert marketers who know how to properly drive business to your website. Your message will be properly planned for maximum exposure.
  • No Team Needed: You only have to pay for one person to plan, shoot, post produce, and output your video which means you don't have to pay for an entire team.
  • Professional Tools: We have the proper professional equipment to get the job done right (Video camera, separate audio recording equipment, expert video software, etc.). Better equipment equals better video. We won't be using a cell phone to shoot your videos.
  • Professional Advice: Some companies charge for their video guidance and advice. Ours is included in the price. 
  • Superior Service: We offer superior one-on-one customer service. 
  • We come to you: Save time. Instead of you driving to our studio, we bring the studio to your location. 
  • Local: We are located in Dayton, Ohio and work in both Cincinnati and Columbus as well. If you are outside our area, we may travel within a reasonable distance for an additional fee. Contact us if interested.

You have many options when it comes to hiring a videographer to produce your online videos, but few when it comes to a great price point with professional output and maximum results. We will produce a nice video at a much lower cost than our competitors, but more importantly it will also convert better due to our planning and marketing skills. What more do you want?

Dayton Web Design is your best option for professional video marketing. Contact us to get started today.