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Search engine optimization marketing experts from Dayton Ohio that you can trust.

What is SEO:

SEO MarketingSearch Engine Optimization also known as SEO Marketing is a simple concept. You optimize your website in an attempt to try and rank high in search engines organically. Who doesn't want to rank in the top of search engines for their prospective search terms? Most business owners believe that if they are in the top of free search engine traffic their business will thrive at little to no cost. This is the reason why SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most utilized marketing methods sought by a website owner. The belief is, if your website ranks in the top of search engines for your keywords, your online business with thrive. This is not entirely true, but ranking in the top of engines is a great start to launch your business.

Who can you trust?

If you already own a website you likely get monthly or weekly e-mails offering to help get you top ranking in search engines. There are hundreds of thousands (if not more) of so called: "SEO Marketing Experts" that claim they can get you to the top of search engines. Ridiculous claims from SPAMMERS all over the world, will offer to help you reach the top of search engines at fees that range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. We at Dayton Web Design equate the SEO optimization service industry to the snake oil salesman of the old wild west. Many clamoring false claims that simply are not true. Except in modern times, there are so many more SEO offers. Everyone has advice on SEO and there are articles everywhere telling you how to get top rankings. Every company wants your marketing dollars but only a very few will ever deliver results. Who can you trust?

We know exactly what you want: You are looking for a SEO expert. Someone who can get you the best search engine ranking results, at the lowest price, preferably from someone local that you can trust. Understood. Essentially, this is what we offer at Dayton Web Design when it comes to search engine optimization and SEO marketing. There are many SEO offerings but very few produce great results, never mind at reasonable prices.

We are SEO experts. Want proof?

The most capable SEO experts do not cold call or solicit your business via unsolicited e-mails or phone calls. The bulk of their business comes directly from their website or client referrals. If your SEO person is good and your SEO person gets your website to the top of search engines, you will most likely tell others about your great SEO person. Or you will find them organically through search, which is ultimately what you are asking us to do for you. These are the SEO experts that are on top of their game and this is the type of company you should be looking to hire. If you don't hire the best SEO person, one of your competitors will and gain the edge over your business. It's that simple.

Lots of SEO companies and individuals talk a good talk, but few can actually back up their claims with proof. If you are reading this you likely found this page through a happy client referral or through a search engine: Which is essentially what you are asking of us in order to earn your business. Doesn't it make sense to rely upon the advice from a company that practices what they preach? So instead of us telling you why our SEO services are superior, let us prove it to you:

Here is just one of our local clients. Please click any image below for an expanded view:

We have been producing top organic search engine results since 2001. When our business went public there were only 2 other web design and online marketing company websites in Dayton, Ohio. As soon as we entered the marketplace officially, we have dominated for our clients and have been doing so ever since. When it comes to SEO, long-term experience gives the edge to win most of the battles.

What you see above has been repeated throughout our history. So we can tell you all we want about how good we are, or we can just show you. If you want additional proof look at our portfolio here: (click on the Digital Marketing tab).

Not everyone's ranking is fixable, ranking depends on many factors including template design and platform. If for some reason we can't help you without a website overhaul, we will explain why your design is hurting you.

Outstanding Value:

Not only are we good, but we know we are the best value. There are many other local web design companies that offer SEO services. Many charge you concurrent or ongoing monthly fees to maintain your elevated ranking. You get billed monthly for maintenance services, but the truth is these companies do little to no real marketing each month. So why are you paying them monthly?

We do something called sessions which is so much more than just SEO optimization. It offers total exposure in search engines, not just organic rank. That is you pay us one-time for one session. We will put in a certain amount of time we feel necessary to get you top ranking and we stop. Then we look and see what happens. In most cases, we can get our clients top ranking in just 1 session! No monthly maintenance fees for services you are not really receiving, just a one time payment that is likely to produce for many years. If and only if your competitors creep up on you, then we can do additional work to move you back to the top. Don't you think this is the way you should be charged for this service?

Size matters:

There are 4 very large companies locally that offer digital advertising for medium to large sized businesses. Two are national and they are Google and Yellow Pages, the other two are local. One is a large local news media group and the last is the other yellow pages company (I am not going to mention names but you likely know who the last two are). Why should you pay an arm and a leg to these large companies for marketing? They are not going to get you better results for your website. Results are not based upon the size of the company, they are based upon knowledge, skill, and the amount of work put into your marketing endeavor from your marketer. The size of your company doing the marketing has nothing to do with final results. But a smaller company will provide more work at a lower cost which will leave you with a better value.

Don't think because you want to rank high in Google, that paying Google services directly is going to offer your ranking additional favor. Any person can do the same as Google services but for less. We don't have the same overhead but we do have the same playing field.

If you need offline promotion like: Television, commercials, newspaper and print publications then yes the large companies offer some value. But when it comes to online services, they can't compete.

Last,  these larger companies don't stand a chance against the skills, work ethic and nibleness of Dayton Web Design. Our clients websites fly past these large marketing companies websites in search ranking every time, yet our fees are substantially less and one time instead of monthly. What a waste of your money. Come to Dayton Web Design and we will get you top ranking at the lowest price. One time fees, the way it should be.

How do we know?

There are lots of local, national, and global companies who offer SEO services. But the question is, who can you trust? Who will get you to the top at the lowest price? We know we get the best results because our websites constantly get to the top of search engines over both large national and local marketing firms. We know we are the best value because our clients who come from other companies tell us as much. When it comes to SEO experience and a logical progressive series of steps to better your ranking matter. We produce results at lower prices due to our experience and our clients trust and love us!

Why not let Dayton Web Design look at your website and tell you how much it will take you to get top ranking. Since we have been doing this for a long time, we don't need to guess like other local companies. It cost you nothing to call or e-mail to find out.