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Need help getting started on Facebook?

Our Facebook PageIf you are interested in growing on Facebook, now is the best time to get started.

Need help setting up or growing your existing Facebook page? Are you, a family member, or employee having a hard time getting your Facebook page seen? Had your Facebook page up for years but its not growing or gaining new business? You are not alone, this is a typical problem every small Facebook page faces since Facebook launched and went public. In order for Facebook to turn a profit they needed to charge business owners (like us) in order to facilitate their growth, so what they did was make it harder to get free promotion and grow naturally. While many gripe about this fact, once you get to a certain size it doesn't matter anymore you can still grow organically and get seen by many, many people that would never see your services otherwise.

This is where most give up on Facebook and just stop using it, and claim that its useless for business promotion since it has a low trackable conversion ratio and now cost money to grow in the beginning. This thinking can catapult your business to greatness and get seen by the masses, if you only know what to do and act now while paid Facebook marketing is new. And its not expensive at all by comparison to other marketing methods!

Do you need Facebook?

No, you don't have to use Facebook and you can totally ignore it if your business is already thriving. At Dayton Web Design we have stayed busy without the use of Facebook as far as our own business profile, but even we finally conceded its importance to most businesses. Let me explain: As a company that markets websites and didn't really need Facebook ourselves we also realized that most people are on Facebook daily. If people are on Facebook daily, then why isn't your business in front of these visitors? You may be so busy you don't need Facebook, but few businesses have this problem. Even then why not grow and get more.

According to Facebook and depending upon the time you look up this stat: 81% of online adults in America are on Facebook 40 minutes per day! While most of these people are chit-chatting, viewing photos and videos, and catching up with friends, it doesn't mean they are not searching and looking for business via search. Regardless of what they are doing, you can get your business and message right in front of them for use at a later time. The biggest advantage to Facebook is branding which is almost impossible to track. For this reason most businesses (small and large even corporations) don't know how to calculate the benefit of Facebook and marketers don't know how to show the value of the proposition to their clients. But it really does not matter, because if your Facebook page grows you will eventually see business coming directly from Facebook. Its just difficult to track conversions immediately when someone sees your page, remembers you were on Facebook, and then calls you months later. This is what happens when you have a smaller Facebook page.

The truth about having a Facebook business page:

In almost all cases, business pages just don't go viral on their own. You have to work to grow your presence to get seen, shared, and commented on. Even if your popular and social it can take years to get 100 - 300 likes organically and lots of work. Unless you are a celebrity or have a business that is really cool and people want to share, growing your business on Facebook is not going to be easy. For instance, if you are a car dealership do you think the masses are going to automatically promote your business and share your posts? Not likely. The truth is most businesses suffer this same fate.

Now that Facebook needs money for their shareholders they charge for promotion. What is great about this for you is two-fold. First, unlike Google PPC that is mature and has been around awhile, Facebook advertising is fairly new. Which means Facebook is cheap by comparison right now. Right now, Facebook advertising is the cheapest its ever going to be. Competition has not driven the costs way up just yet, but in the near future it will. What you can pay now for likes will skyrocket soon as more people compete for the same business. Google Adwords was cheap when it was new, but now expensive due to competition. Many of the terms we used to pay 10 - 50 cents for, now cost $14 plus (PER CLICK) on Google Adwords. As a business Facebook is going to follow Google's lead and allow competition to drive up cost in the near future. Its already starting. Also, since businesses and people are afraid to pay for their promotion right now you can get in on the ground floor and grow quickly before it gets expensive and competitive. We can get your paid promotion when it cheapest right now and just stop once you get to a comfortable level that you will grow on your own.

What do we offer:

We want you to pay us one-time for an inexpensive two month session. During that time we will spend half of the money you give us directly to Facebook advertising for your page growth. In order to get you the lowest cost per like and post promotion, we need to log in and manage your ads daily. So you get your promotion for the lowest amount during the two month span. If at the end of the session you like what we have done for you, then you can (only if you want) do another session. When you get to the size you want, you stop. Or you can stop anytime before. What is great about our service is we show value each step or you stop and have a busier Facebook page after the first session.

One of our clientsYou can pay for your own Facebook advertising and manage your own campaigns without us, but it will likely cost you much more for each promotional like. But creating your ads, logging into the site to check it 2 - 3 times per day, changing the ads and comparing for the lowest rate is very time consuming. If you don't do this daily Facebook will take as much money as they can from you and charge you double to quadruple prices if you are not constantly managing and making good decisions. Plus, since we know what we are doing from previous ad experience we can likely buy your ads for much less than you will pay. Our efficiency will likely pay for our services to manage your campaign growth for you, instead of doing it yourself. Its a win-win for you.

We do not provide full service social media management for a monthly fee. We are not interested in posting on your Facebook page or micro-managing your profiles for an ongoing fee. For one, nobody knows your business better than you so why would you have a social media company doing your posting for you? Plus you can save lots of money by doing this internally. Its not the regular posting that is difficult when it comes to social media, its the initial growth that's the problem. We will advise you on how to do this effectively free of charge if you hire us to grow your Facebook page.

If you have a business that we know is not going to work on Facebook or your promotion is going to cost too much going in to benefit you, we will advise you that advertising is not beneficial for you, before we ever take your money. Some businesses are just never going to be popular unless you spend lots of money.

Why Choose Us?

Our Facebook marketing system is not based upon what others are doing in the industry, its based upon our experience of what works at the lowest cost to you. No monthly ongoing fees for full service posting on services that don't work. You will find other monthly Facebook services post at a set regular intervals, but you'll also find they normally don't grow your business rather they seem to stay stagnant at a low promotional level. What good is your Facebook page if no-one is seeing it? Half the money goes to Facebook to grow your business, we just spend it wisely for you. You still totally control your own Facebook page and are responsive for all posts and interaction with your wall. And you only do one 2 month session at a time and then let us know if you want another one. That is pretty simple!

Based upon what we charge for a 2 month session, we know you are going to be hard pressed to find anyone (never mind a marketing or design company) to grow your Facebook page properly for you at our price. And we also know that if you do it yourself, you are most likely going to spend more directly to Facebook for the same amount of promotion, than you would by paying us half for our efficiency and to do all the work.

Call or e-mail to see how low it cost to try our Facebook service for 2 months. It costs you nothing to find out.